Premier Pet Daycare Services In Dubai

Welcome to a tailored care and comfort haven. Paws2heart is proudly introducing "Premier Pet Daycare Services in Dubai." Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring your pets experience the best dog daycare and cat daycare in Dubai.

Our facility is designed to provide unparalleled care for your furry friends. From engaging activities to personalized attention, we redefine pet daycare, making us the best choice for Dubai dog daycare and cat daycare. Join us in creating a home away from home where your pets thrive in a nurturing environment tailored just for them.

Premier Pet Daycare Services In Dubai

Unveiling Luxury Pet Hospitality

Discover the pinnacle of pet care in the vibrant city of Dubai with our premier pet daycare services. Tailored for dogs and cats, our facility transcends traditional pet accommodation, offering a pet hotel experience combining luxury and personalized care. 

Immerse your furry companions in a world of comfort and engagement as our expert staff ensures the best in dog daycare and cat daycare in Dubai. From spacious accommodations to curated activities, we redefine pet care, creating an unparalleled environment where your beloved pets experience the epitome of well-deserved pampering and attention

Pet Hotel Experience

  • Elevate your pet's stay with a pet hotel experience in Dubai, surpassing conventional accommodation.
  • Indulge your dogs and cats in spacious, opulent quarters designed for comfort and relaxation.
  • Redefine their stay with amenities that mirror a luxury retreat rather than traditional pet housing.

Expert-Led Dog Daycare in Dubai and Cat Daycare in Dubai

  • Entrust your canine companions to our experienced staff specializing in top-notch dog daycare in Dubai.
  • Enjoy peace of mind as our experts curate engaging activities and offer personalized attention to your dogs.
  • For feline friends, our Dubai cat daycare services are tailored with curated activities, ensuring their unique needs are met.

Reliable Pet Care Environment

  • Experience the loving pet care that surpasses expectations, from pet-sitting services to meticulously curated activities.
  • Redefine your pet's environment with unparalleled attention, providing a level of pampering they deserve.
  • Choose our facility for the epitome of luxury and care in Dubai's pet hospitality landscape.

Below are the highlights of our pet daycare

services alongside the packages:

DurationSmall Dog (up to 10Kgs)Big Dog (above 10Kgs)Cats
Half day max 6 hours42 AED50 AED34 AED
Full day max 12 hours50 AED60 AED40 AED
Nightly basis 24 hours84 AED101 AED67 AED

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Check our FaQ page or reach via Whatsapp we are happy to answer.

What makes your pet daycare services in Dubai premier?

Our premier pet daycare services in Dubai stand out for their luxurious pet hotel experience, offering spacious accommodations and curated activities for dogs and cats.

How is dog daycare in Dubai different from your facility?

Our experienced staff specializes in expert-led dog daycare, ensuring engaging activities and personalized attention, creating a distinctive and enjoyable experience for your canine companions.

Do you offer exclusive cat services in Dubai?

Yes, our Dubai cat daycare services provide tailored activities, ensuring a unique and comfortable environment that meets the specific needs of your feline friends.

What sets your pet care apart in Dubai's hospitality landscape?

Our pet care goes beyond expectations, offering unparalleled attention, pet-sitting services, and a luxurious environment that defines the epitome of care and pampering in Dubai's pet hospitality scene.

For Reservations, please WhatsApp/call us at +971 58 616 4779.

Please contact us if you have any inquiries or require assistance with our pet boarding services. Our team is ready and available to provide support and address any concerns.