Tailored pricing options for your pets unique requirements

Choose an affordable plan that’s packed with the best features for engaging your audience, creating customer loyalty, and driving sales.


Engage your pet for hours or a full day, knowing they'll be well-cared for and entertained.

DurationSmall Dog (up to 10Kgs)Big Dog (above 10Kgs)Cats
Weekly Basis 7 days
420 AED (per day 60 AED)*
546 AED (per day 78 AED)*
378 AED (per day 54 AED)*
Monthly Basis 30 days
1620 AED (per day 58 AED)*
2106 AED (per day 75 AED)*
1458 AED (per day 52 AED)*
Quarterly Basis 3 months
4368 AED (per day 48 AED)*
5678 AED (per day 62 AED)*
3931 AED (per day 43 AED)*


Trust us with your pet's extended stay, ensuring their safety, comfort, and personalized attention until your reunion.

DurationSmall Dog (up to 10Kgs)Big Dog (above 10Kgs)Cats
Half day max 6 hours
42 AED
50 AED
34 AED
Full day max 12 hours
50 AED
60 AED
40 AED
Nightly basis 24 hours
84 AED
101 AED
67 AED


DistanceOne WayTwo Way
Upto 10KM50 AED100 AED
Upto 25KM100 AED180 AED
Upto 50KM200 AED380 AED


Relocation is bit complex, Reach us we will send you a quotation