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Our story

Like many people, Sam and Pleshi moved to Dubai from Canada in search of a better future. However, even as they settled into their new life in Dubai, they couldn't shake their love for animals.

Our story

One day, while they were working full time, they came across a rescue dog who desperately needed their help. Even though they weren't prepared to adopt a dog at that time, they decided to take him in and care for him.

But they soon realized that they needed a safe, reliable, cage free, and fun pet service for their beloved dog, Archer, while they worked long hours. After searching in vain for a company that met their expectations, they decided to leave their corporate jobs behind and follow their true passion, pets love!

In 2019, inspired by their previous experiences in Canada and driven by their passion, they founded Paws To Heart pet boarding with the goal of providing a secure, positive, cage free environment where every dog could play, learn, and grow - just like they wanted for their own dog, Archer. At Paws to Heart, they specialize in dog boarding and offer a cage free, stress free environment.

Sam and Pleshi's mission is to become the parents to all the pets who don't have parents, and to be temporary parents to pets whose loving owners need to travel for short periods. And through their work, they've become the proud parents of over 5 adopted dogs and counting!

At Paws To Heart, you can trust that your furry family members will be cared for with love and attention - just like they're a part of our own family.

Our story

Stories from Our Incredible Dog Moms and Dads

Paws to Heart - Mr Blue - Mr Blue

Sam and his wife are very gentle and careful. showing real love to pets and keep me updated all the time through my vacation which make me feel very relieved. Thank you so much and highly recommend.

Mr Blue
fury friend yong
Paws to Heart - Kenzo - Kenzo

Kenzos favourite boarding! He goes there everytime i travel and loves it Super caring and loving sam and pleshi always take care of my little on and i would recommend it 10/10 to everyone.

fury friend Minahil
Paws to Heart - Fino - Fino

Sam and his wife was extremely caring and super nice ❤ my puppy had a great time with them and their puppies, and they kept sending me cute photos and videos to check up on him ❤❤ They are for sure my go to from now on ❤❤❤

fury friend Lamia
Paws to Heart - Lezlo  - Lezlo

We took our puppy to stay one day with Pleshi and he was extremly happy and calm. Given that he had a horrible experience with another boarding kennel in dubai. He was a bit scared and anxious but she was very patient with him. We will definately bring him back again.

fury friend Samia
Paws to Heart - Sage  - Sage

- Pleashi is sooo loving with Sage. Sage was calm and relaxed with her from the moment they met. I'm positive we will be using her more.

fury friend Hiba
Paws to Heart - Mr Benji - Mr Benji

My 3 year old boy named Benji has been with Pleshi since he was 3 months. Pleshi has been his second mom and each time I pick him up, he leaves with a very heavy heart. It's written all over his face! This just goes to show how much he enjoys being with Pleshi and Sam and I don't have to look anywhere else anytime I have to travel..

Mr Benji
fury friend Serah Wilson
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Frequently asked questions

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What should I do if my pet has separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety can be managed through gradual desensitization, providing comforting items, and seeking guidance from a professional trainer or behaviorist.

What should I feed my pet?

Consult with your veterinarian to determine the most appropriate diet for your pet's specific needs. Consider factors such as age, breed, activity level, and any dietary restrictions.

How do I introduce a new pet to my existing pets?

It is important to introduce new pets slowly and in a controlled environment. Gradually allow them to interact under supervision, and provide separate spaces if needed.

How often should I take my pet to the veterinarian?

Regular veterinary check-ups are essential for your pet's health. Follow your veterinarian's recommendations for vaccinations, preventive care, and annual exams.

How can I keep my pet entertained and mentally stimulated?

Provide a variety of toys, engage in interactive play sessions, offer puzzle toys or treat-dispensing toys, and consider training activities to keep your pet mentally stimulated and entertained.

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